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Spl’s Homemade, Colloidal Silver Ionic Water 100ml 12- 18 PPM


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Hello family, this water is said to hold more antibacterial killing power, than mans’ s most potent anti-biotic today in 2018.

Dr Bob Beck, said that, this Colloidal Silver water kills all known 650,000 pathogens, inc the common cold, to even more aggressive bacterial infections.

See my YouTube blog, man has fixed Psoriasis, located on my right elbow, i have had this complaint and irritation for x 25 years,

Now it is %90 healed after x 3 months external treatment.

Warning do not use on your Epidermis/Skin and then expose to direct sunlight/daylight – the solution reacts with UV rays.

Directions for internal use:-

To take internally, one will want to take up to x 5-10 ml a day – depending on your internal issues.

Please contact David, the maker for more information.

A donation of x £14 to get a x 100 ml bottle sent out to your location, not inc £2 postage costs – £16 total donation thank you.


Thank you, peace , love and light



Ingredients are:- Distilled Aqua, and %99.9 pure silver

The strength is,  between x 12-18 PPM not x 40 PPM as the label says.


We will try and work our way up to the x 40 PPM.

Most of the products you buy online and from outlets are advertised at x 40 PPM but are often at 10-15 PPM.

How to use:-

Apply up to x 3 times a day, avoid contact with metallic items, such as spoons.

Conservation:- store out of sunlight and at room temperature.



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