Sunday 18th November 2018




Ciao Sovereigns <3

Donations/Reservation, obtained via the links on this page <3  tickets here: –


Thomas/Lewis and David/Andy Sovereign Smith, are your hosts of this event,  it is hosted and held, on Lewis’s  farm land .

we do not have liability insurance, site safety will be shown and given to you upon arrival.

you will be responsible for your own actions, we will ensure the site is safe and professional security is at the existing event – Party in the Paddock.

We will give you site orientation upon arrival <3

Marquee 🙂



Greeting Famalan,

Man has have done, two video updates today, with some minor changes to our planned event:

i will send you all the details for the address later on, in the week to your email addresses – please keep the location secure.

You will be issued, wrist bands upon your arrival

We have apx x 17 from our promotions attending from our  Choob family and the F.B trust.

Please bare with us and thank you all for your support and interaction – we are truly blessed ❤

Updated information:- 10.7.18

 Hello and good day to all 😊

We hope you have had a great week, and are not too tyred!!

This is a Sov Fest/Conference update, and this is being  sent out to all the ticket holders we have so far  x 17 donated and attending – thank you

On the day at the farm, we will meet apx x 50 other of the events guests, from Oxford ( Thomas/Lewis friends -the field owners)

Events will be as followed: Adult slip and slide so bring a towel!!

One link for optional entertainment!!!

Music from breeze and DJs, inc myself  late into the night.


Breeze performing the Prince hit Purple Rain live in the Summer of 2017.

The mighty Hogg Show:-

Animals will be on site and around to make a fuss of. When have a sheepdog display, pig agility and sheep racing. 🐷🐷

We are happy to announce we have food provided  for you at a very low cost and alcohol will also be available at a very fair price. Beer, wine cider and shorts but please feel welcome to bring your own.

Please put rubbish in bins provided many hands make light work and we want everyone to have a fantastic time. Any specific requests please let me know and we will do our best to make them happen.

This in a private event so you are responsible for your own actions and you come to this event and your own risk.

We have some changes to announce –

As we have no requests for any stalls – we are not allowing any now, as its late to arrange the space’s.

We are no to inform you, that you are kindly requested to arrive on Saturday 14.5.7 – not Friday 13.5.7

As for leaving – we would like to request and inform that you are to leave on Sunday Evening.

Stay sovereign!!! Xx

Thank you


There will be all the amenities that you expect and require, a full professional campsite, with Toilets/Showers /water/electrics and security 🙂
You will have access to fresh hot food/drinks, via mobile onsite outlets serving your every need – at rock bottom prices – no need to bring the kitchen 🙂 Confirmed …

This is going to be a fun and relaxed private event. and it is only open to our members, not the GENERAL public!!
The Trust and trustee’s will provide all the food and entertainment, we can hold talks and chats by day, and dance/relax by night –
David will bring his Technics Mk5’s and old skool vinyl’s. 80’s on wards.

Musicians, artists and other holistic healing gurus please contact our team via the Common-Unity page we have :-

A family affair and a major point in the re-evolution of (wo)man and his morphogenic magnetic energy fields of higher consciousness, the golden age of purity has arrived, welcome and thank you – namaste.

Peace love and Barry White  (light)!


See merchandise page for bookings :- 

Donations/Reservation, obtained via the links on this page <3  tickets here: –