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Welcome Friends

Please watch our three Trust and Equity videos – Hosted on Our YouTube channel

Click the link below for the playlist we have added: featuring Richard Ansah’s Trust And Equity Seminars.

Please watch all three videos, get a big drink, a large pad of paper and a pen, to make plenty of notes 🙂 Enjoy.

We are a common-unity, here as a digital open uni-verse-ity.
We are not registered, affiliated or licensed under any legal institution or academy. Inc’ but not limited to:
The Crown Temple B.A.R.or Law Society.

We do not offer legal advice, we are Private Anglo Womb-Men, whom are realising at a vast rate, that we are not the STRAW-MAN and do not wish to accept the public liabilities associated with it. (we can prove that we are not – as we have the title deed)


We are no longer to be considered as the legal trustee of these misconstrued relation-ship’s, once we express the correct trust relation-ship’s, we are chain and bond free, and then the relation-ship’s, will return back to the private person being a beneficiary and or Settlor.

in order for you to correct your status and relation-ships, we here at SPLSPRO need all of you to start and  comprehend/cognise a great deal, such as Money, Cash, Currency, Transfers, Tendering – Payments, Orders, Bills of Exchange, Bankruptcy, Transfer, Accepted for Value, Endorsement, Litigation, Enforcement, Contract, Equal and Valuable Consideration, Maxims and Presumptions, to start with!!

Then we have the different types of relation-ships, we need to cognise them and know how to respond to them, at the correct level of law.

Public or private, a big difference, we can eventually, become the litigant in person and limit the Justices discretion.

We are working closely with one fellow Womb-Man, a brother in our family, Richard Ansah, he has very kindly, shared his work so far with us and helped us begin to comprehend, the inner workings of Equity and its dynamics.

We found Richard, through our usual channels of research and discovery, we examined his work, brought to us via a F.B User called Kenith AsKing.

All of our admins and myself in the facebook trust, then watched the Three Trust and Equity introduction videos and decided to look further into this hidden realm.(listed above on Indi-Glow’s Channel)

To the point of having Richard present at our last seminar and join our Facebook family as an Administrator.

We have not looked back since!!!

For all inquiries and Technical support and contact for the free trial or  further information – from Richard Ansah please email:

SPLSPRO Secure dedicated domain email is:-

If you cannot link to us via Facebook, use the contact us option on here

We are to teach this content, off Facebook and in the private.

The Facebook group will stay, as it serves for an introduction into Law and Equity.

We will look to hold meetings and talks in major cities, to gather support and inform our fellow Womb-Men about the many troubling legal issues we face everyday.

We use and follow natural and common laws, we cognise that man is not subject to Statute, Code, Act, or other – our Straw-man is governed by them, via consent – Mandated via legislation.
We arrive Free-Born, we are “FREE” until the point of registration.
In this Christian Nation, we are the soul shareholder of the B.C..
Our share of the Common-Wealth was given away, at Registration, via our parents.

I come here my honour on the understanding…….
That i am the Shareholder & Administrator…
if you, my honour are going to tell me different, let me see the proof.
Happen i had known of this TRUST at 14 years, i would have claimed it!!
Now i know, i claim it now..
Thank you please.

The CEO’s and Directors are running amok, as we are not appointing the correct Trustees…hence theft and misery coupled with SLAVERY.

turn on your T.V. and watch the news – you will see how many rights you are loosing and how many privaliges you are to have subjected to sanctioning!!

Compulsory servitude is Illegal.
Voluntary Servitude is LEGAL!!
Hence…submitting a JOB APPLICATION FORM..
Now we see the light, We stand up for our rights.

Whomever creates the liability, must provide the remedy.
Maxims of law, cannot be denied.

The Fiat monetary system is designed to ‘Enslave’ by decree.

The Birth certificate is a bond, we have a copy, the state hold the original title.

The United Kingdom is the Incorporation of all subsequent corporations.
That’s the title given to the idea of the UK.

All legal corporations are ‘bankrupt’
Rights, Titles and interest are property.

You do not need to know you are in a trust, to be in a trust.
A contract contains a meeting of the minds, an agreement does not.

Our promise to pay, is as good as GOLD, as we are unable to pay via GOLD, our promise is all we have.

We are the principle and surety to all Debts that exist.

It has been our TITLE doing business, up to this point, evidenced by OUR presence and signatures.

1925 has some interesting acts in it….
1869 Debtors act….hmmm yess..

Words to look in blacks 4th Edition law Dictionary for:-

Valuable consideration.
Equal Consideration.
Give orders, not be defensive all the time.
As Settlor..not as trustee, with public liabilities.

We are obligated, to tender payments as the principle and surety.

No Bank Giro Credit slip on the ‘Bill’ Let the corporation know,
that’s dishonourable and they must provide one.
You accept it for face value, and return it for value.
The corporation become, Holder in due course.

Here is the link for a 7 day free trial – via Richards Web-Portal.
It is specially built and designed for all members in our family.
Equality and Education are Paramount.
Richard other various courses are available to all in our Trust, at a heavily discounted rate -for our family members.…/

Below is the link for our, Sov’s Common-Unity Services page