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Welcome Sovereigns

This is a digital common-university of private womb-men, whom are empowered by learning and study to become safe, self-aware, free from misery and debt, working to become fundamentally knowledgeable to the legal matrix and construct all around us.

What Sovereigns are Saying

Read below some of the kind words our members are saying about us.

"This group has some of the most open-minded, intelligent and Ego-free folk of all of them. You never ridicule or belittle, you are open to pretty much anything posted and treat it all with intelligence. You law guys are the bravest of the truthers because you actually face the beast, you go into its lair and feel its breathe of it on you. You test your theories, you put skin in the game. I cant think any other group who comes close to doing that."
"I would like to thank everyone in this wonderful group. I'm very happy today as I've managed to sort out a contract dispute that left me stuck with a loan for over £7000 in a finance agreement. By reading posts and just generally being involved with this group and picking up a bit here and there online, I have managed to pick their contract totally apart! They have agreed to cancel the loan and I am home free"
"The group is run like a well oiled machine on a mission to eliminate fear when it comes to debt, this alone could save lives, and if it only saved one it worked, the amount of knowledge, experience, ideas and remedy i get from this group that would probably cost hundreds or thousands elsewhere and David Giaramita and the sovereign paralegal family give it away for free, are groundbreaking and have decoded the perfect remedy"

Master Guild Key Competence Documents 2019

Our foundation key competence documents available for all members, download them now.

You need to be a member to download the master documents bundle pack, membershiop is only £12 per year, 25p a week and includes over 200 documents, social network, forums, library and courses.

What's Included in the Bundle Pack

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Sovereign Community Features and Benefits

Community Forums

Our expanding community forums is open to all members to discuss topics and learn.

Video Library

See our ever expanding video section, with tens of subjects in Law to learn, from a fully trusted and capable common-unity.

News Feed

Our private secure Facebook style feed is availble to all members of the sovereign paralegal community posts, comments and likes.

Events and Merchandise

Events and meets are held each year with larger events like the Summer Solstice event to be held in July.

Resource Library

Huge 400+ resource library, fully index-able, keyword searchable, categorised with download options.

Bailiff Removal Protection

We are planning to expand on our Agent and Bailiff Removal services by training teams.

Sovereign Security ™ Coming Soon

Our new state of the art security system including twin camera and live cloud streaming for agent protection.