SNEWS#3 our latest triumphs and success

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👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑 The house of: Giaramita and Phillips 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

The sovereigns have more incredible SNEWS (sovereign news) another go-vern-ment triumph for the less-able’d. sanctions,denial,rejection,backdating,eviction,depression,death,suicide,poverty, mandatory reconsideration, among policy and liberty vs lawful rights, civil soon becomes criminal, are some of the issues we are covering. and Sovereign Paralegals:Trust est:Nunc Pro Tunc.DGSS11:11SP2017. have a shiny new fresh success and public process to share – live and direct, and from the establishments printers, and over to our sovereign house’s, and straight to you. ❤ The state of the es-tate is changing, mind your Mannors, and create a better environment and estate. kevs words:- Afternoon Brothers and SiStars. Tonight Myself and David will be going live and discussing specifically, esa/wca and pip assessments. We have perfected a process that will help all, no matter what stage of process you may be in. Please,please please come and join us or inform anyone you may know to have a listen. Links will be available to view docs etc. No theories, all facts and first hand knowledge. People are losing their lives dealing with these rogue agencies and I cannot, in all good conscience, withhold it any longer. This really has the potential to change the game countrywide. Hope you can join us….much love and respect to you all. 💜👊💜👊😎❤❤❤ Common-unity is working ❤ we thank and love you all. chasing status has finished, change your status to….sovereign. ciao4now. david



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