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SNEWS#3 our latest triumphs and success

👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑👊👑 The house of: Giaramita and Phillips 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

The sovereigns have more incredible SNEWS (sovereign news) another go-vern-ment triumph for the less-able’d. sanctions,denial,rejection,backdating,eviction,depression,death,suicide,poverty, mandatory reconsideration, among policy and liberty vs lawful rights, civil soon becomes criminal, are some of the issues we are covering. and Sovereign Paralegals:Trust est:Nunc Pro Tunc.DGSS11:11SP2017. have a shiny new fresh success and public process to share – live and direct, and from the establishments printers, and over to our sovereign house’s, and straight to you. ❤ The state of the es-tate is changing, mind your Mannors, and create a better environment and estate. kevs words:- Afternoon Brothers and SiStars. Tonight Myself and David will be going live and discussing specifically, esa/wca and pip assessments. We have perfected a process that will help all, no matter what stage of process you may be in. Please,please please come and join us or inform anyone you may know to have a listen. Links will be available to view docs etc. No theories, all facts and first hand knowledge. People are losing their lives dealing with these rogue agencies and I cannot, in all good conscience, withhold it any longer. This really has the potential to change the game countrywide. Hope you can join us….much love and respect to you all. 💜👊💜👊😎❤❤❤ Common-unity is working ❤ we thank and love you all. chasing status has finished, change your status to….sovereign. ciao4now. david




Spl’s talk: Legal Status, Rights and Property

Salutations, from 8pm Myself and Andy will be on Air i want to discuss a topic along the thread of, your property being taken away from you. Should you have a mental health issue and you are accused of shoplifting – you are charged for it, despite being on medication,or having a recognised mental health issue -then if you have children/off-spring – what happens? the State will take over as Guardians and Appoint themselves as ?? So we will talk about Executors of Estates and last will and testaments, Common law couples are also affected by this issue, not just the ones with a family. If you tag onto here, we will take your gmail email and add you all for a chat. time permitting !! Thank you :



SovereignSmith remote repellent review ,Bailiff retreat 2018 live chirp



Recent Events at Alder Hay

Brothers AndySovereignSmith and Steve Mccrae, join David of the house of Giaramita, to review what we have seen and heard recently. We love and support Alfie and his family  – R.I.P to the fallen soul-die-r.


Indi Glow – Removal of the Crowne`s infer-structure – Enter- the fall of Babylon



We have many invisible, bonds around us, we are binded daily, and know we will explain the secret Roman Systems at hand Including Latin Controlling systems. Guest are welcome to join us F.B Trust :-… Private Domain :- Sovereign Comon-unity pages:-