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Mark Thomas Comedy Productions Series 2 episode 1 Medical Cannabis 1998 jack straw Uncut


I was invited to appear on the Mark Thomas Comedy Product back in 1998 re medical cannabis along with David and Hamish, The Plan was ...

Council Tax – From Start to Finish – Part 1

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Ola, we’re gonna give councils a run for their [our] money, and here is part 1 of the series which will show ...

Where Does Our Tax Go? And Avoiding Train Fines

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Host Samuel William shares with you the secrets of the system, not only where our tax goes, but how we can stand up for ourselves. ...

Recent Events at Alder Hay

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Brothers AndySovereignSmith and Steve Mccrae, join David of the house of Giaramita, to review what we have seen and heard recently. We ...

Indi Glow – Removal of the Crowne`s infer-structure – Enter- the fall of Babylon

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    We have many invisible, bonds around us, we are binded daily, and know we will explain the secret Roman Systems ...

Iceland, A Peaceful Revolution

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In summary of the Icelandic revolution, we saw: -resignation of the entire corrupt government of the country -nationalization of the bank -referendum enabling the people ...

Money as Debt – full playlist x 17

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A beginners introduction into money and banking 🙂