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Consultation Booking Form

Each consultation is with David the SplsPro Team :

  • One hour
  • Private video via Skype or Google Hangout
  • Supporting documents or information via email
  • Resources from the site
  • Any support required from the larger Spls Pro network of friends

For each consultation, a donation to the trust is required at £30 per hour. Please only submit the form below if you are ready to pay via PayPal or bank transfer to our Trust account and we will contact you as soon as the notification is revived, to arrange a time, suitable to you and at the earliest opportunity, (within x 24 hours – target time – within x 12 hours)

Then after successful contact we shall arrange a time for the conference/consultation.

Please remember this is not legal advice, we are in our self governing private sovereign capacity, and as such not affiliated, licensed or authorised to give Le-gal advice. For legal advice seek a solicitor that is licensed from the El-London Temple B.A.R. Society.

A session with us, is to simply to gain information, knowledge and a data transfer from us as,at the sovereign paralegals family <3 thank you.

If you cannot use PayPal, don’t worry, you can alternatively transfer the money to the trust account –  Spl’s trust account is in the principle trustee’s name MR DAVID GIARAMITA, until our new trustees are appointed

please email us here with your contact details, and a brief description of your issue:

Booking Form

  • A brief outline of what your issue and case for this consultation
  • When you submit this form you will be taken directly to PayPal to make payment. please ensure you are ready to make payment